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Evernote Archive: Sitting In A Bus. I Made It To Bangkok. Still Career Clueless Though.

Is it readable? Barely.. But reading this note takes me right back to this dark and rainy morning, waiting for this empty bus to leave the parking lot while tapping-in a quick iPhone Evernote-note. I was tired from a long commute, yet pumped to be in Bangkok, 5 km from the legendary Kaosahn Rd (The one from the movie, The Beach). This story only really started […]

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bad memory

Storing Away Your Brain Nuggets

Don’t Fool Yourself, Your Memory Isn’t That Good I have so many post titles that I jot down throughout the days. They’re written on napkins, on my hand for a few hours, on a few different notebooks in my room/car, and stacked up in my Evernote. Yet I don’t ever blog and have yet to put […]

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My First Email Blast

Making Some SEO Freelance Writing Progress! My first run at getting email over oDesk was a success.  I paid someone $10 for 127 emails. I was going to ask for 200 at first, but saw the going rate at 5 for 50 so I asked for 125 email for the $10.  I don’t know the […]

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Outsourcing an 800 word article about skydiving

I was assigned 2 articles to write.  After writing the first one, I took a break, and then really didn’t feel like writing the second one because it was basically the same keywords. The first was Bellevue Skydive and the second one’s keywords are Skydive Bellevue. I mean, easy? Ya, but repetitive and slightly boring? […]

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Freelancing an 800-word SEO article for a Skydive Co.

Bellehue Skydive is the Keyword phrase. They want it spaced out within the top half of the article 6-7 times. These were the instructions I received: 2 articles – 800 words each Article 1 – Key Word Phrase: Skydive Bellevue Article 2 – Key Word Phrase: Bellevue Skydive Directions: In EACH article, aim to use […]

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